Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Plug-in Connectivity Brings New Opportunities for Dealers

Plug-in Connectivity Brings New Opportunities for Dealers:
PEV Connectivity
For dealers selling electric vehicles, interconnectivity represents a marketing opportunity

Dealers may worry that as sales of plug-in electric vehicles grow their service businesses will shrink. While it is true that PEVs won’t require some of the routine maintenance that gasoline-powered cars do, they will offer new income stream possibilities for dealers, says Thilo Koslowski, lead automotive analyst at Gartner.

“You have to have connectivity” for PEVs, Gartner told PluginCars. “You can’t have a consistent ownership experience without it. You have to have it from the beginning.”

Gartner spoke in Marina del Rey, Calif., at last week’s Automotive Customer Centricity Summit, put on by Thought Leadership Summits Inc. In his presentation he highlighted the growing trend of vehicle connectivity, that is, you car talking to external sources and eventually to other cars. He also spoke to PluginCars about the implications for electric vehicles and those who sell them.
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