Tuesday, April 2, 2013

LEAF Sales Soar in March, Volt Remains Stable

LEAF Sales Soar in March, Volt Remains Stable:

In March 2013, Nissan rebounded with strong sales of the all-electric LEAF. Sales of the compact EV soared to an all-time high of 2,236 units. That's a big jump from February 2013, when sales of the LEAF languished at only 653 units. That's right where LEAF sales have held firm since the beginning of the year, when January 2013 checked in at 650 units. Nissan credits the all-time high sales in March to the debut of the U.S.-made, lower priced 2013 LEAF.

The Nissan LEAFs sold in the United State are now all (except a handful of leftover excess inventory) made in Tennessee, so Nissan dealerships are stocked up to regular inventory levels. It's taken a while for Nissan to build sufficient supply of domestically produced 2013 LEAFs to fill requests from dealership across the country.

Sales of the LEAF in March 2012 were only 579 units.
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