Friday, February 1, 2013

Ford Joins Competition in EV Price Reductions

Ford Joins Competition in EV Price Reductions:
Focus Electric

It's Economics 101. Sell more widgets by lowering the price. In the case of electric cars, Ford is the latest car company to drop the price of its EV, but reducing the lease price of the Focus Electric by more than $10,000.

The details of Ford's new Red Carpet lease deal work out as follows:

  • Focus Electric lessees can get a 36-month lease with 10,500 miles a year for $285 per month (nearly 20 percent below last year's Focus Electric lease price).
  • $930 is due at signing. Or $249 per month with $2,138 due at signing.
  • The incentives reduce the net price of the Focus Electric from $39,995 to $29,249.

Not interested in leasing? That's okay because Ford is offering incentives on purchases as well. Ford slashed the Focus Electric's base price by $2,000 for "cash" sales, and is offering finance incentives that include a $2,000 discount and zero-percent financing for 36, 48 or 60 months or 1.9 percent financing for 72 months.
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