Friday, December 7, 2012

December 7 News: U.S. Electric Car Sales Reach Another Record In November

December 7 News: U.S. Electric Car Sales Reach Another Record In November:
Electric car sales reached a record in November for the fourth consecutive month as new models like the Ford C-Max Energi plug-in electric hybrid helped juice buyer interest. [Forbes]
The University of Texas said today that it has accepted the findings of a damning independent review of the preparation of a report on potential impacts of shale gas drilling by the school’s Energy Institute. [New York Times]
Since leaving Congress, South Carolina Republican Bob Inglis has devoted his career to protecting and promoting environmental interests. Unlike many environmental activists, he looks to free enterprise to find solutions for the most daunting environmental challenges. [Washington Times]
Every lean-snow winter batters Utah and its $1 billion-a-year ski industry, according to an economic study on global warming released Thursday by the Natural Resources Defense Council. [Salt Lake Tribune]
The Union of Concerned Scientists has figured out how Americans can cut their oil consumption in half within 20 years. [Los Angeles Times]
Energy development on public lands and waters pumped more than $12 billion into federal coffers in 2012, $1 billion more than the previous year, according to the U.S. Department of the Interior. [Los Angeles Times]
The water wars are raging again in America’s heartland, where drought-stricken states are pleading for the increasingly scarce water of the Missouri River — to drink from their faucets, irrigate their crops and float the barges that carry billions of dollars of agricultural products to market. [Associated Press]
The Obama administration has been vigorously defending its climate record at the Doha conference in Qatar. But it appears that Todd Stern, the US state department climate envoy, has been rather selective with his facts. [Guardian]
As the death toll from typhoon Bopha (local name Pablo) increased to 418 on Friday and is still rising, experts and analysts say killer typhoons that hit the Philippines are caused by the climate change. [Xinhua]
The lead negotiator of the Philippines has made an emotional appeal for “no more delays, no more excuses” at the international climate talks in Doha, Qatar. Naderev SaƱo broke down in tears as he told the plenary session about the plight of his country in the wake of typhooon Bopha, which has killed nearly 400 people. [Guardian]

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