Monday, December 24, 2012

100 percent recycled bike is straight out of Portlandia

100 percent recycled bike is straight out of Portlandia:
Watch this Kickstarter video and tell me this guy isn’t a Fred Armisen character. You can’t. He is. And, true to form, he’s made a line of 100 percent recycled bikes.
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The ReCycle (of course) bikes are made of recycled, recyclable aluminum. Even though the materials come out of the trash, the small-batch manufacturing ain’t cheap — you’ll have to pledge at least $2,000 on the Kickstarter to get one (though for $5,000 you can get all three models). But, I mean, do the math. You read Grist. This is a RECYCLED BIKE. Are you going to not get a recycled bike? Please, that’s like saying you’re going to NOT put birds on things.

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