Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Around 200,000 Tons of Deep Water Horizon Oil and Gas Consumed By Bacteria

Around 200,000 Tons of Deep Water Horizon Oil and Gas Consumed By Bacteria:

SchrodingerZ writes "The University of Rochester and Texas A&M University have determined that in the five months following the Deepwater Horizon Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, bacteria have consumed over 200,000 tons of oil and natural gas. The researched was published in the journal; Environmental Science and Technology (abstract available, full text pay-walled). 'A significant amount of the oil and gas that was released was retained within the ocean water more than one-half mile below the sea surface. It appears that the hydrocarbon-eating bacteria did a good job of removing the majority of the material that was retained in these layers," said co-author John Kessler of the University of Rochester.' The paper debuts for the first time 'the rate at which the bacteria ate the oil and gas changed as this disaster progressed, information that is fundamental to understanding both this spill and predicting the behavior of future spills'. It was also noted that the oil and gas consumption rate was correlated with the addition of dispersants at the wellhead . Still an estimated 40% of the oil and natural gas from the spill is still in the Gulf today."

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