Wednesday, August 29, 2012

2015 Chevy Volt to Ride on GM's All-New Global Platform

2015 Chevy Volt to Ride on GM's All-New Global Platform:
Chevy Volt

The next-generation Chevrolet Cruze, due in fall 2014 as a Model Year 2015 vehicle, will use an all-new global platform for General Motors. That platform, which will eventually find its way under up to 2.5 million of GM's compact vehicles and crossovers, will be what underpins the next-generation Chevrolet Volt, according to Automotive News.

At this point, we can only guess as to what improvements the redesigned Volt will feature, but this is the right time for Volt owners to speak up about what improvements they would like to see. For starters, it seems like the battery could be repackaged to allow the Volt to haul five passengers, instead of only four in its current configuration. The current model also has rather limited cargo space, a shortcoming that could be addresses with a redesign. What would you like to see in the 2015 model?
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  2. Suggest battery options in different Volt models. New batteries will be half current cost and varying the number of cells /. Range would create price range and somewhat parallel standard to luxury models. Battery Pack Ranges to vary from 30 miles to close to 100 miles.