Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nissan Eliminates $99 LEAF Reservation Fee

Nissan Eliminates $99 LEAF Reservation Fee:
Nissan LEAF site Nissan has decided to ditch its $99 LEAF reservation fee and will sell its electric hatchback either online or directly through its dealership network.
Though always fully refundable, Nissan's $99 LEAF reservation fee may have deterred a handful of potential buyers. Fortunately, Nissan now decided to ditch its reservation fee and will sell its electric LEAF in a more conventional manner. No longer will potential LEAF buyers be restricted to using Nissan's dedicated reservation site. Instead, buyers can simply walk into their local Nissan dealerships to order a LEAF. The process is now basically identical to ordering any other vehicle. For the tech-savvy types, Nissan will keep its online reservation site active, but will drop the $99 fee previously associated with the online ordering process. Now, the process of buying a LEAF is much the same as for other Nissan automobiles.

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