Thursday, April 26, 2012

Green Your Garage: Tools for Trade

Green Your Garage: Tools for Trade: Organized toolsFor many people, a garage or storage shed is a magnet for clutter: Boxes of old clothes, forgotten toys, and half-empty buckets of toxic goo all converge in a junk pile that would make any mother, especially Mother Nature, shudder. This week's tips feature easy ways to green your garage. Tip #4 : Be the host of your own Tool Time. Now that your garage is de-cluttered and organized, consider sharing some of those recently uncovered treasures with others by starting a tool-lending library. A part of sustainability is building relationships within a community and sharing resources. Instead of purchasing new tools or machinery, gather the ones already in the neighborhood and host a day of building, repairing, and fixing. -- image courtesy of iStock / schlol

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