Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sierra Club’s Comical ‘Mr. Coal Guy’ Ad Campaign

Sierra Club’s Comical ‘Mr. Coal Guy’ Ad Campaign:
Coal pollution and climate change aren’t funny. But poking fun at the people who pretend coal is not an environmental problem can make for a good laugh.
That’s what the Sierra Club is doing in its latest ad campaign, Mr. Coal Guy. The organization, which has been on the front lines of shutting down coal plants around the country, partnered with the San Francisco ad agency Mekanism to put together a series of videos mocking coal industry messaging. Enjoy.
Last summer, the Sierra Club secured a $50 million grant from Bloomberg Philanthropies to help end coal use in the U.S. Along with doing boots-on-the-ground legal and advocacy work in individual communities, the partnership has also helped fund messaging projects like this lighthearted ad campaign.

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