Monday, December 5, 2011

First Drive: Honda Fit EV Combines Power and Practicality

First Drive: Honda Fit EV Combines Power and Practicality:

Honda Fit EV

Let’s not mince words: the Honda Fit EV kicks ass.

If Honda President Takanobu Ito is looking for a car to bring driving fun to the company’s brand—his main message from the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show—he need look no further than the Fit EV. Last week, I was among the world’s first journalists to drive the compact pure electric car—in two six-minute jaunts around the Twin Ring Montegi grounds north of Tokyo—and was floored by the level of performance delivered by the all-electric Fit. I was just as amused to witness my colleagues on the press tour—made up almost entirely of writers for the horsepower-obsessed auto buff rags—step away from their drives, shaking their heads and picking their jaws off the pavement.

“Wow, this thing scoots,” was the refrain.

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