Monday, November 21, 2011

EPA Delays Greenhouse Gas Rules For Oil Refineries

EPA Delays Greenhouse Gas Rules For Oil Refineries:

One month after delaying rules for regulating greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, the Environmental Protection Agency has delayed another set of rules for GHG emissions from oil refineries.

The delay also comes as new data show a record jump in global greenhouse gas emissions in 2010 — a disturbing record achieved in spite of a feeble global economy. Reuters reports on the announcement:

“EPA expects to need more time to complete work on greenhouse gas pollution standards for oil refineries,” a spokeswoman for the agency said. The EPA is working with the litigants to develop a new schedule to replace the current mid-December date for a rule proposal, she added.

Earlier this fall, the EPA abandoned a rule for regulating smog — a move that was met with almost unanimous disapproval from the public health community.

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