Thursday, October 27, 2011

Winterize Your Home: Plant a Windbreak

Winterize Your Home: Plant a Windbreak:

IStock_000011078829XSmallOct. 30 is National Weatherization Day. With winter knocking at your door, keep cold air out and energy bills down by weatherizing your home. This week's tips will help you get started.

Tip #4: Strategically plant trees and shrubs.

The right plants and trees can protect your home from windchill, significantly lowering your heating costs. Landscaping, done right, has the ability to reduce windspeed for a distance of up to 30 times the windbreak’s height. To impede wind, plant dense greenery on the north and northwest sides of your home. (Don’t plant too close to the south side, or you’ll lose a good heater: the sun.) Between trees and home, allow a distance of two to five times their mature height. Plant shrubs, bushes, and vines at least one foot from your home to insulate with air pockets; low shrubs on the windy side can keep snow from getting too close.

Tell us: How do you fight winter wind?

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