Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"An Ice-Free North Pole Within The Next 10-20 Years"?

"An Ice-Free North Pole Within The Next 10-20 Years"?:

Stefan Rahmsdorf freaks out:

This loss of ice will not only turn the Arctic ecosystem upside down, affecting many animals that are adapted to a life with sea ice. It will affect all of us. If the Arctic ice disappears in the summer months, we will lose a giant mirror that reflects solar heat back into space and helps keep the planet cool. The ice loss will amplify global warming and upset weather patterns. But the ice loss will amplify warming especially in the Arctic – indeed, this is already happening. Moreover, disproportionate Arctic warming is already affecting one of the most important components of the global climate system: the Greenland Ice Sheet. If this giant structure melts, sea levels worldwide would rise by about seven meters.

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