Monday, September 26, 2011

Greener Cleaners: DIY Wiper Fluid

Greener Cleaners: DIY Wiper Fluid:

Dirty windshield Household cleaning products can be dangerous for you and for nature. This week's tips are about how to get things sparkling using better options that you make yourself.

Tip #1: Make your own wiper fluid.

Next time you run out of windshield-wiper fluid, think twice before running to the store. Traditional wiper fluid, due to the main ingredient, methyl alcohol, is extremely toxic when ingested — a danger for kids and pets. Instead, use vinegar and water to clean your windshield. Another option is a mixture of water, isopropyl alcohol, and dishwashing soap. If you're in an experimenting mood, try mixing a green cleaner you already have at home with water to see how well it works.

Tell us: What are your favorite DIY cleaning solutions?

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