Friday, May 6, 2011

Electric Car Plus Solar Panels Is Winning Combination

Electric Car Plus Solar Panels Is Winning Combination: "

Canning Garage

One man's EV and PV infrastructure, neatly arranged in the garage.

A couple of years before photographer James Canning decided to buy a Chevy Volt, he was receiving quotes for solar panels for his home/studio in Sacramento, Calif. Then, the 2010 Gulf Oil spill hit. “That was a wake-up call,” James told me. “My wife and I both felt partly responsible as consumers. We’re part of the problem if we’re creating demand for oil. That motivated us to make some decisions around getting a vehicle that consumes less.”

The Cannings bought their 2011 Chevy Volt in early January, and since then have purchased about 15 gallons of gas. At this pace, James’s annual gasoline buying will be about four tanks per year. That’s a significant reduction of oil consumption compared to the vehicle the Volt replaces: an Acura MDX, a SUV that gets about 15 mpg.

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