Monday, March 21, 2011

Green Your Water Use: Fix a Leak

Green Your Water Use: Fix a Leak: "

Leaky faucet March 22 is World Water Day, so this week’s tips are about how to help protect our world’s water supply.

Tip #1: Fix a leak.

The EPA’s WaterSense program has declared this “Fix a Leak Week” and is advising people to check their plumbing and irrigation systems and fix them if needed. According to the agency, water leaks in U.S. homes account for more than 1 trillion wasted gallons per year. To find out whether your home has a leak, check your water meter. Then wait two hours without using any water. Then check the meter again. If the reading changes, you’ve got a leak. American Water’s leak-detection kit (PDF) provides other useful ideas for detecting sources of wasted water.

Tell us: How do you conserve water?


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